IET Labs Inc., Cybersecurity Statement

IET Labs Inc., Cybersecurity Statement

IET Labs Inc. Cybersecurity Information
August 2018

IET Labs Inc. recognizes the need for cybersecurity from an overall company standpoint as well as by instruments which are capable of connecting to computers or networks.

We take this threat seriously and have invested in multiple security measures to minimize potential threats both to our network and in the design of our instruments.

These security measures are designed to take all reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of viruses from instruments to our customer’s computers and networks.

These include a managed firewall which allows access by exception, and minimizing the number of individuals which can access; email and general sites.

IET Labs Inc. uses the latest anti-virus (AV) programs which include endpoint protection for all computers and servers at the company. All computers are updated automatically to maintain the latest virus definitions and are scanned multiple times per day.

Senior management is immediately informed of any reports of viruses. Infected computers are immediately removed from the network and quarantined.

Senior IT management is alerted real-time of any threats, and receive weekly reports regarding the overall health of the network and computers connected to the network.

IET Labs Inc. does not use Windows or Linux in the design of our instruments.

All instruments that IET Labs Inc. currently manufactures, that contain a microcontroller, are running proprietary firmware. The firmware can only be updated via a JTAG or similar cable/programmer and only accessed by removing the top cover of the instrument.

There are no facilities to update firmware via RS-232, GPIB, USB or Ethernet interfaces on any products IET Labs Inc. manufacturers.

If a hard drive, solid-state drive or similar is used it cannot be mounted as a drive via the RS-232, GPIB, USB or Ethernet interfaces.

None of IET Labs Inc. instruments have the functionality to access a network drive.

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